Harga Gula Pasir Curah 1kg

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Rp 20.000 Rp 12.000
Deskripsi Ulasan Ketentuan
Unlike refined sugar, granulated sugar has rougher granules Granulated sugar has a sweet taste and easily dissolves in water, especially hot water. Granulated sugar is generally yellowish white or slightly brown. Granulated sugar obtained from the extraction of sugar cane juice crystallized granulated sugar does not have a sweet aroma but smells good when processed with caramel. Granulated sugar is found everywhere in the form of packaging that is sold biasana per 1KG or 1 sack. Who likes sugar apasih Granulated sugar is a raw material of cuisine made from sugar cane juice and crystallized to form powders such as solid sand but if exposed to water turns into water again.

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