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The understanding of the Scout Movement emblem is a permanent identification of the Scout Movement organization. The Scout emblem in the form of a coconut shoot was made by Soenardjo Atmodipoerwo, a high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Agriculture who is also a scout leader.

Scout Coat of Arms in the form of Coconut Shoots This symbol was used for the first time since August 14, 1961, when the President of the Republic of Indonesia through Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number 448 of 1961 Ir. Soekarno bestowed the banner of the Indonesian National Scout Education Movement to the Scout Movement organization.

Coconut shoots on the symbol of the Scout movement can be used on banners, flags, quarter and unit nameplates, as well as administrative identification marks for the Scout movement.

The meaning of coconut shoots in the Scout movement? The following is the meaning quoted from the Kemenpora website:

1. The palm fruit in a state of growth is called the forerunner, and the term forerunner in Indonesia means the first indigenous people, who pass down a new generation.

2. Palm trees can grow anywhere, which proves the great effort to adapt to the society where they are and under any circumstances.

3. The palm tree grows straight up and is one of the tallest trees in Indonesia.

4. Palm fruit can last a long time under any circumstances.

5. Palm roots grow strong and tightly in the soil.

6. Coconut shoots are versatile trees from the top to the root.

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