Baju pramuka

Baju Pramuka Penggalang Pembina Tangan Pendek Seragam Untuk Sekolah - Baju Seragam Sekolah
Rp 120.000
Rp 98.000
4.5 212
  • No. 12
  • No. 13
  • No. 14
  • No. 15
  • No. 16
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • L3
  • L4
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1000 Gram



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no.12 = bust 82 cm, shirt length 51 cm
no.13 = bust 86 cm, shirt length 53 cm
no.14 = bust 88 cm, shirt length 55 cm
no.15 = bust 90 cm, shirt length 57 cm
no.16 = bust 94 cm, shirt length 59 cm
size S = bust 98 cm, shirt length 68 cm
size M = bust 104 cm, shirt length 72 cm
size L = bust 108 cm, shirt length 74 cm
size XL = bust 110 cm, shirt length 77 cm
size L3 = bust 114 cm, shirt length 79 cm
size L4 = bust 118 cm, shirt length 80 cm

The material used is the material of choice, which is 100% from the original Famatex material and from the Grand Master material which is stronger and does not break quickly, God willing, it is guaranteed good and comfortable to wear There is no doubt about the stitching problem, because in the process we involve people who are professionals in their fields, and before shipping we will check first, because quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

SIZE EXCHANGE GUARANTEE (Don't worry if the clothes are too small/too big)

Size exchange terms and conditions:

- Confirmation maximum 2 days since the goods arrived.
- The product is in new condition.
- Have not gone through the washing process.
- Haven't gone through the makeover process yet.
- Not exposed to strong odors.
- Shipping costs are fully borne by the buyer.

- Don't forget to include size at checkout
- Ask for stock first before ordering
- Purchase in large quantities (minimum 20pcs) please chat directly, we will give you a special price and we will help you find cheap cargo.
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