Harga Mie Ghost Pepper di Indomaret

Mie ghost pepper Mie ghost pepper Mie ghost pepper
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  • Mamee Monster Ghost
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220 Gram



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Mamee Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken | Mie / Noodles Cup Instant Import
Mi Instant Mamee Monster Ghost Pepper Mie Goreng Indonesia 4 x 121 Gr Rp105.000
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Don’t know what to eat?
Grab yourself a rich bowl of MAMEE Monster Ghost Pepper Mie Goreng Indonesia flavor for that springy noodles that promises satisfaction with every slurp.
This noodle will give you a spicy kick that you crave for.
Throw in your favourite fresh ingredients for a richer taste and a balanced meal. It’s no wonder that it is still a Malaysian favourite till today!
Product of Singapore
Netto : 4 x 121 Gram
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