Samsung Galaxy Buds2 - White

Spesifikasi Produk
Samsung Galaxy Buds2 - White
Nama ProdukSamsung Galaxy Buds2 – White
DeskripsiSpecification :

Sound : ANC Supported, Amplify Ambient sound up to +9 dB 0.5ms latecy, 2-way speaker

Mic : Call Quality DNN + 3 Mics + VPU

Battery Capacity : 61/472 mAh
Play Time: 5/2h (ANC ON), 7.5/14h (ANC OFF)
Talk Time: 3.5/13h (ANC ON), 3.5/14h (ANC OFF)

Connectivity : Auto Switching
Water Resistance: IPx2

HargaIDR 1,699,000

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